Friday, November 7, 2008

Little Stinker!

Yesterday, I had the neat opportunity to have a free ultrasound! In Memphis, they were looking for pregnant women to practice on for nurse training. It was fun to get to see the baby move around and suck the little thumb! Unfortunately, my child was being hard to work with though. Every time that the nurse went to look between the legs the baby either flipped over or sat with the legs crossed! We tried for over 30 minutes! I have my big ultrasound at the end of next week so I guess we will try one more time to find out! Can you believe that? I have heard of baby's not cooperating but it is frustrating when you want to know. I really do not have a preference. Everyone keeps saying that they think it is a boy. I am good with either one. Dustin and I both just pray for a happy and healthy baby. He said that if it is a girl it will be great because Avery does everything that a little boy would do and if it is a boy it is in for a fight over Dustin with Avery. Haha! Avery is definitely a DADDY'S GIRL. There is no denying that. If the baby does not show us next week we will just be surprised in April! I am still feeling yucky some days but I also have good days.

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