Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had a fun Halloween weekend! On Friday afternoon, we went to Madison's school for her Halloween party. They did crossword puzzles races and had treats. Madison shared her crayons with Avery and they colored pumpkin pictures. After the party we headed home and got ready. Madison was "Hannah Montana" and Avery was a monkey again. Dustin and I had to work the booth at the church fall festival so we headed up there early for hot dogs and chili. The girls played all of the games and had a blast! They got a ton of candy as well. We went to Papa's house to trick-or-treat when the festival ended. Madison had two friends go with her and then spend the night. All four girls were wired from all of the candy so it was an eventful night! I think we ended up going to sleep around 1 something! Way to late for us! On Saturday, we recovered from the slumber party and got the house back together. Grannie came over and played with the girls while I ran to our Sunday School Party. That was so much fun. After church today we went and ate and then came home and let the girls ride four-wheelers and play outside. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed spending time together. It was another busy weekend but everyone had a great time. I am having trouble with my camera so I have some pictures but will be posting more soon.

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