Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Whirlwind of a Week

I have been behind on my blogging so I decided to get caught up today! We had a busy week with school and activities getting back on schedule. Three of Avery's friends from school/other joined her dance class so she really enjoyed dance this week. It is amazing at how much the little ones have matured in the past 5 months. They are actually paying attention to Miss. Maggie! I am so excited about their recital. How fun! She jumped right back into pre-school and was so excited to see her teachers.

There is some big news in the Wilburn household! Dustin's hunting dog, a German short haired pointer, Bailey is expecting. Dustin is very excited. He breed her with a friends dog, the same breed, so they cannot wait! I, on the other hand, have mixed emotions! I am excited to see the sweet little puppies but I am not excited about taking care of these little ones and their messes while I am 8-9 months pregnant! I know that I will fall in love with all of them but I will be glad to also let them go to their new homes at 6 weeks, right before the baby comes. Hopefully, this baby will not come early because puppies and a brand new baby does not sound like a whole lot of fun to me! The girls are very excited though and they will enjoy playing with the little fur balls! Our horse is also expecting next month so we will be busy with all of these animals!

Dustin has been off all weekend and we have really enjoyed it. We had date night last night and then went out to eat with some good friends tonight. Tomorrow is our Celebration Sunday at church. We are celebrating the opening of the new sanctuary with a special worship service. Dustin and I will get to be there for 1/2 of the service because tomorrow is our day to volunteer in the nursery! Deer season is over though so we will not have to rush home after Sunday lunch! Yeah!
Have a great Sunday!

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