Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wrapping Up The Weekend

On Friday night, Dustin and I had "date night". We went and ate and then went to see FOUR CHRISTMASES. It was hilarious. Madison and Avery baked cookies, drew Christmas pictures and looked at Christmas lights with Mimi. They all had so much fun! On Saturday, we went and ate lunch and then took the girls to the movies to see BOLT. It was Avery's first movies (that she has not just slept through). She did really well! She loved the movies and her and Madison loved the popcorn and candy that they devoured through the show. Saturday night, I cooked supper and we had family game night. We put together puzzles and watched a movie. On Sunday, we went to Sunday school and then Dustin and I kept nursery. We have the one year olds so that is always eventful. It wore us out!! There were 11 one year olds running in every direction. After church we ate Mexican..Yummy...with some friends from Sunday School. I picked up the house and we watched a movie with the kids and then listened to them sing Karaoke! We had a fun weekend. All of our Christmas parties start next weekend so I am glad that we had this weekend to enjoy doing some fun activities with each other.

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