Friday, December 19, 2008

Twas The Weekend Before Christmas

This week has been crazy. On Tuesday, I got very sick and by 8 p.m. I ended up in Labor and Delivery at Baptist! I could not hold anything down so they gave me fluids and some medication through an IV and checked the baby. She was perfectly fine and moving around everywhere. She would not even stay on the monitor because she was so busy, sounds like her sister! By Wednesday, I was MUCH better! Dustin and Avery hung out while I recovered most of the day. Thursday was Avery's last day of pre-school until January. We went to her Christmas party and brought cookies for all of her friends. Today, was Madison's last day of school so Avery and I went and watched her music program and then went to her Christmas party. This weekend we have 4 Christmas parties and 1 birthday party so I am off to cook and wrap gifts! Avery is definetly feeling the excitement of Christmas. We keep having to remind her that "Razzle", the elf on the shelf, is watching her to report back to Santa. For those of you who have not done the "Elf On The Shelf" I recommend trying it. The girls have had a blast with it. It is a little elf that comes with a storybook. The girls had to give him a name and write it in the front of the book. Our elves name is "Razzle the Elf". Every day he "mysteriously" moves to a new location around the house to watch the girls. While they are asleep he reports to Santa. It is a cute idea and they have loved finding him every day! Thanks Mimi for our elf on the shelf!

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