Monday, December 8, 2008

Wrapping Up The Weekend

This weekend was the Christmas parade and Avery's dance studio participated. I bundled Avery up and pulled her and her little friend through the parade. They had so much fun! After the parade we ate Chilis! I am stuck on the cheese fries! On Saturday, we went and watched the Alabama game with some friends of ours. We had so me yummy snacks and enjoyed spending time with friends. On Sunday, I had to prepare for meal making so a friend of mine came out and helped me. We cooked until LATE at night so today I am trying to re cooperate! We went to have cake and ice cream tonight for Tyler's birthday. Avery loves some birthday parties so of course we had to drag her out! This week is busy but I am going to work on getting a new cord for my camera to connect to my laptop. I have been a slacker about blogging and posting pictures but lately we have been busy busy! I feel like instead of knocking stuff off of the to do list, I am constantly adding on! Tis the Season for a busy schedule and never ending chore lists!

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