Thursday, December 4, 2008

Poor Reindeer

Well it is official, Avery is brainwashed! Last night Santa came to see us at Mimi and Roddey's house. Avery was very intrigued. She did want to sit on his lap but she said "He is not scary, I just do not want to sip in his "yap" because he has hair on his face!" She was funny! Santa gave her two candy canes and she LOVES candy canes! I think she ate them both in under two minutes! When he asked her what she wanted for Christmas she said that she wanted a Christmas tree but she already had one so he did not need to bring her one. That is easy enough! At the end of our visit, Dustin told Avery that Santa had to leave to get back to his reindeer and go home. Avery's eyes opened wide and she said "I want to shoot his reindeer with my pow-pow!" It was a proud moment for Dustin. Everyone that mentioned Santa today got the same reply. Avery wants to shoot Santa's buck deer with her pow-pow! What am I going to do? :)


Leigh Fields said...

I love her! That story is so funny. Cute Miss Avery!

Mom~of~2~Queens said...

omg! That's hilarious!!