Friday, February 6, 2009

The Puppies Are Here

Last Saturday, our dog Bailey had her puppies! She is a German Short Hair Pointer and we bred her at the end of November. Bailey had 8 puppies and she did a great job! Dustin and I helped her through labor. I have never seen a dog actually give birth so it was really neat. The funny part is Dustin was so excited to breed her beacuse he wanted a male GSP to take quail hunting. We assumed since Bailey is not a really big dog that she would have maybe 5 or 6 puppies. After puppy #6 came out Dustin started flipping them over and they were all FEMALES! It was really funny because we have been teasing Dustin about having all little girl children and being outnumbered. He was in shock that his dog had 6 females as well! We waited another 2 hours and then out popped #7 and #8. They were both male so Dustin got his hunting dog! He was excited. He said that it was God's way of telling him to stop at 3 girls because it would take a few more before he got a boy! It was too funny! Bailey and all of the other puppies are doing great. We took them to the vet on Wednesday to get their tails and dew claws done! They will still have to go back in 2 weeks for their wormer and shots. The girls were home when the puppies were born and they loved looking at the tiny little balls of fur! They were both a little intimidated by the puppies at first but now Avery will not stay away from them! She will sit out there all day and watch them! They should open their eyes in the next couple days!

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rCl said...

put some pictures up of those puppies! and a belly pic! :)
I have bag tagged you!