Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Day and Another Laugh

Avery is at such a fun age! Although it can definetly be hard at times with the drama and emotions that she is not afraid to let you see, it is a blast. Everyday she says or does something new that usually results in Dustin and I laughing until we cry. She does not meet a stranger so she is not shy about making a complete stranger laugh as well. Everyone says that two is a hard age but I love the way that she can fully communicate with everyone. It makes parenting easier when your child can tell you what they need or want. She is the queen of pretending right now. We are all different people everyday. She is usually the teacher and we are her kids. As I write, I have to laugh because she just told Dustin he is the woman at Target and she is a mom who is shopping. Some days I have to hold her imaginary frog or turtle while she eats. What an imagination! I am anxious to see how she acts when the baby gets here. Who knows what kind of pretend games she can come up with a baby! She talks about it all the time and keeps telling everyone that she is getting a baby in April. I hope she is that excited when her sister gets here! I am sure that it will be an experience! I am sure that will be another story!

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