Monday, November 24, 2008

What's Been Going On?

Today, Dustin brought the girls and I breakfast from McDonalds on his way home from work. It was a sweet surprise not to have to get up and cook, especially in the morning since I do not always feel good. I got some stuff done around the house and then the girls and I headed out to run some errands. I am having the girls from our Sunday School class over for our first Sunday School Girls Night Out so I had to get ready for that. We are doing a "Sugar and Spice" theme night! I also had to get groceries for Turkey Day! I felt bad that they had to run errands, since Maddie is out on Thanksgiving break, so after we finished I took them to their favorite place to eay...CiCi's Pizza. What kid does not love all you can eat pizza, dessert pizza, and video games? Avery had dance afterwards so Madison got to come with us. She was a big help with the little ones and it was a treat for her to come since usually she is in school. Since most of the class was not there due to the holidays it was very laid back. Avery really loves dance and she loves Mrs. Maggie! She gets excited to see her friends since most of them are in her school and her sunday school class. When we got done, we ran our last few errands and then came home. Dustin played with the girls while I cooked supper and then we all headed out to get ice cream at the new Baskin Robbins. Yummy! On Wednesday, we have family coming in for the holiday and we are so excited. I cannot wait to spend time together and enjoy all of the food on Thursday. That is definetly an advantage to being pregnant at this time of the year, I will not hesitate to go back for seconds! Happy Thanksgiving!

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