Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday night, we actually stayed at HOME! I cannot even remember the last time that we stayed at home on the weekend and ate and just hung out. It was great. Of course, after that much time at the house Avery was ready to go on Saturday!We are on the go so much that Avery is always ready to jump in the car and head to our next destination. On Saturday evening we went to a cookout at some friends house. After we ate hot dogs and chili, all of the kids jumped on a hayride to trick or treat in the neighborhood. It was so much fun. The neighbors all sat at the end of their driveways and handed out candy. Avery LOVED it! Her costume was a monkey, which worked out great because it was so cold! She could barely get out the words "Trick or Treat" because her mouth was so full of candy. Avery told Dustin "I love hawwoween so much, they give me candy". She will be ready for the actual Halloween next weekend now.

I scheduled my doctor's appointment for 2 weeks from today. Hopefully they will do an ultrasound! We are excited and ready to prepare. The thought crossed our mind that it would be fun to be surprised and not find out the sex, but I think that Dustin and I both have to know! We have to get the room ready and I would like everything to be decorated when the baby gets here. This pregnancy seems to be going to by so fast. Even though I have been sick, we have been so busy that it is flying by!

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