Thursday, October 9, 2008


Avery told us the other night that she wanted us to call her "Judy". She is a goofball so this did not really surprise us. We laughed and I thought that she would forget about it! But oh no, it has been several days and she is still introducing herself as "Judy". She has told her pre-school teachers, bible study teachers, and anyone else that she has ran into that her name is not Avery anymore so call her Judy please. We know no one named Judy! Where did this come from? It has been hilarious to hear her tell people this! She loves to make people laugh. This morning before school she was very upset. Yesterday, when we pulled in from bible study Dustin and a friend of his were hoovered over our kitten in the garage. She was not acting right and falling all over the place. I am normally not a cat person but this kitten is so sweet and so good with the kids. We have really enjoyed having her around the house. I was concerned that she might not make it! We jumped in the car and ran her down to our vet. He said he would run some tests and let me know. Avery did not want to leave her kitten there but we explained that Dr. Mike would take good care of Smokey. Dr. Mike let us know last night that he thinks that she is going to be fine she just ate a poisonous lizard of some type! We always have random things happen to our pets. I figured at 2, Avery would not have been very concerned but that was the first thing that she said when she woke up this morning. She was worried about her kitten and wanted her to come home. She cried while she was getting ready! It was very sad. Hopefully, we will go pick up the kitten in the next few days though! That is Avery's favorite furry friend!

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milesof405 said...

Oh my...that is the funnist thing...Judy...where in the world did she get that name? Watching too much Judge Judy I am guessing. :) I hope the kitten is very random that happened.