Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holiday Shopping

For the past two years, in October, I have done a Holiday Open House. It is a great way to help out my friends who have a home business and allow my other friends to get a head start on their shopping! The vendors set up all over my house. This year, I had children's clothing, bows,a photography studio, Pampered Chef, Southern Living, Premier Jewelry, a boutique from Germantown and a girl who does bible verse plaques. I had a great turnout this year! Everyone had a blast. It is fun to see people you do not get to see a lot and enjoy yummy food while you shop. Since Dustin and I have been married I have always tried to be done Christmas shopping as early as possible. We both have a lot of family members and friends to buy for so it is very time consuming. Last year I was done at Halloween and this year it looks like I will be as well! I highly recommend shopping this early because it cuts back on stress. It allows me to be more organized during the holidays. I hate doing last minute things and not being prepared. There are already so many other events and parties to worry about during the holiday season, so I do not want shopping to be one of them. Now, I just have to start wrapping!

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